Yakari Gabriel

Big hair, big heart, big dreams.


When she is not writing, she’s either rehearsing for a show or dancing alone in her room. However, Yakari was born in the Dominican Republic and immigrated to Aruba with her mother at the age of 4. Currently in her early twenties. She is a writer, an intersectional feminist and a spoken word artist. Her writing revolves mostly around life, social problems, finding self-love, femininity and healing childhood trauma.

At 15,  with a poem titled “I want to talk to life” she became the first winner the of the Aruban poetry slam “Arte di Palabra”  (Art of Words) which started back in 2009. She stayed active in the poetry world ever since, and could usually be seen at poetry nights around the island and cultural events. Whether it was as a guest artist or a judge. In 2013, her poem “Complete Woman” got her to 3rd place (and a whole lot of opportunities) in the multidisciplinary art competition “Gang di Arte”. In 2014 she received the “Hoben y Talentoso” (Young and talented) recognition in the category of writing. In 2015 she gave a TEDx presentation titled “How I overcame discrimination”,  the same year she was one of the 14 youngsters nominated for the price “Poder di Hubentud” (The Power of the Youth) in the category Culture and Media. Which is a leadership competition dedicated to highlighting remarkable young people in society.

She recently started a column in the newspaper Bon Dia Aruba, titled ‘Den mi Cabes’ Which means ‘inside my head’ in Papiamento. Through ‘Den mi cabes’ she expresses opinions about relevant and contemporary issues in the Aruban society. She is currently studying International Media and Communications at Hogeschool Utrecht.