We live in a culture that has normalized abuse and see nothing wrong with being violent towards others anymore. All this while never having a good understanding of what violence is and all the ways in which it works. But here, I am not just talking physical violence. I am talking bully culture, how we think being called savages and having no chill is something to aspire to. How we rather question the victim instead of shaming the abuser.


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Violence is a super broad topic and I see why so many of you don’t even realize that you are being abused. You know that you often sleep too much or that some days you are anxious for no reason. or maybe insomnia has been kicking your butt. But you never dig deep, you never go back to the patterns of treatments you have received your whole life and wonder where all your issues come from.

Newsflash: parents don’t always have it all together and sometimes pass on their pain to their children.
If you grow up in a house where all they do is yell and use threats as a form of discipline of course you’re gonna think its normal. That’s usually why abusive cycles are so hard to break.
Most of you people invalidate the pain of others because you have not experienced it, or you went through the same things they went through but you coped with it differently. Disregarding that life is a different experience for every person and age, race, economic status and gender all play a huge role in the matter.

To me violence came super early and I couldn’t understand it. Just something about the way people around me treated each other  and me never felt right. Something told me that all that yelling and all that hitting wasn’t normal. I knew there was life outside of it.

Here is what I want the audience of this post to know; I won’t apologize for leaving a really bad life behind. For saying you know what I am broken, I have been broken and I deserve to be healed. I won’t apologize for already planning a life elsewhere, for not wanting to be around people who come to your house, eat off your plate and insult immigrants in the same breath disregarding that you are one. For not thinking that I should shut up. I stopped thinking of myself as less worthy, when I realized that no one was willing to do it for me anyways. People tend feel content when they get to kick someone who is down, it makes them feel stronger. But karma is real and she doesn’t forget. The good about it is that forgiveness is real too.  I am weak maybe, too vulnerable to say the least. but not I am not defeated and I will write about my life experiences till my hands fall off. You can’t tell me shit, I have my own preference. And if you plan to let others use you as a punching bag for the rest of your life..well, that’s on you darling. Just know that you deserve better, you deserve a life filled with people who love you in an honest way

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