Ironically, its the days that the city looks at me like I owe it money that I like myself the most. On the days where its a pale stranger cutting its eyes to me in a bus for no reason that I feel the absolute luckiest girl on earth. The meaner the stare the harder I am reminded to love my roots, the clearer I hear the skin of the drums. that brass band inside of my chest that keeps me moving to the riddim of life. How happy I am to not belong to this gray. To not know my way around it. I’m so thankful that I was raised to share, to say please and thank you and to apologize when I bump into strangers. Thankful for these hips and these curls and my endless playlist of upbeat music. Though it gets hard at times, though I make myself sick with the missing. I’m an eternal light. the sun on two feet. a party on my own and that’s something no one can take away from me. Honestly, i’m full of joy and I hope you are too


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