it took me years to make peace with always being the elephant in the room both literally and figuratively. So trust me, I write for the big girls, for the loud ones, the ones who have mothers that fear no man is gonna want their daughters. For the girls who dream more than what is allowed, the ones who give 0 fucks about roses. I write to immortalize our existence through poetry. Because we’re never called soft, we’re never called vulnerable. The ones who only know resistance, only know fighting, only know being strong, because people always trying to turn our volume down…always telling us to try to slim down, sit down, dim the light. Don’t listen. let this be the year of saying no and letting go of anyone who is bothered by your fire. Don’t you ever dare cool off baby. We may be too much, but plenty of those that come for us, don’t even come close to being enough.

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