“Guitarra, dile que vuelva por amor a perdonar”

“Esa es su filosofia, amarme sin medidas su amor es sordo y ciego. Ella muere por mi”
want more?
“Y rompieron el patron cuando hicieron su persona y botaron el molde para que no hubieran copias”..
yes, bachata is intense.
We are the people that love violently. Loving a Dominican woman will make you a poet, it’ll push buttons you didn’t even know you had. The sweetness will dizzy you, will make you question, will always make you agree. From the depths of Puerto Plata,  to the streets of El Malecon, el sabor del sancocho doesn’t change.  This love may not be the healthiest,
this love is fritura y brugal on a monday morning,
but it is remarkable, it isn’t one anyone can tell you about.
But more so, one you have to experience for yourself. 

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