Maybe it’s all not that serious, maybe I need to let go and breathe more.
But to me, deciding that I was going to be a revolutionary,
came after many years of feeling like being alive had no sense
and though my revolution isn’t mainstream,
though my revolution doesn’t always take the streets and yells
I’d like to believe it is valid 
At any given time I need something done
and I ask an upcoming artist to do it for me
instead of giving big corporations my money
I am part of the revolution.

at any given time

When I buy candy from the lady at the corner of the street
even though I will not eat it,
I am part of the revolution
any time I see girl being harassed and I defend her
I am part of the revolution
anytime I see a teen-mom and remind her that she is not a statistic,
every time I compliment another woman on being smart, talented and beautiful

any time I used my platform to highlight a problem,
any time I do not straighten my hair for formal events,
I speak even though I am afraid. I am a part of it
Every time I 
remind people that their
existence and experiences are worth it.
I am part of it may not change the whole world,
I might not change the system
but at my very core I know,
that I shake up status quo,
every time I stand up,
every time I write,
every time I refuse
to let someone dim my light


..solely because I am woman,
I am Latina
I am black and I refuse to shut up.


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