I am tired of academia, how it has turned into such
an emotionally draining place..I can’t even phantom anymore
I’m tired of the way it births professionals but kills dreamers
its now a competition of who can truly follow the rules

I’m tired of teachers, who don’t really want to be teachers
but failed at something else and settled for teaching
how they treat their knowledge like a hand me down,
disregarding that teaching is a privilege
that it is a career full of impact
that young minds are sacred territory

I’m tired of all of you fake ass activist, who aren’t really activist
who aren’t doing any work,
but instead share 10 thousand violent articles
on social media thinking that it’ll create an impact
disregarding how it emotionally triggers the people in question.

tired of the way the world seems to be going backwards-
how for years minorities have fought and fought for a chance to thrive,
only to have someone like Donald Trump be elected.
like Nadia Lopez, didn’t open a school to close a prison.
How it is easier to give Harvard 10 million dollars to study poverty in black communities,
instead of investing it to actually fight poverty within those communities.

tired of not having a home,
how both Aruba and The Dominican Republic are being sold out for dollars
as we sit back and watch them strip us off our identity
All this idolization for countries, that want nothing to do with our people
just exploit our resources the way they find convenient
how we use tourism as a measure of success,
instead of finding a way to become sustainable outside of it

..and I am so tired of eurocentric standards,
I’m tired of how cruel it is to everyone that does not reach them
tired of the way Europeans are hailed around the world,
when these are the same people
who can keep their country from drowning
but can’t figure out how to smile,
how to not bump into you in the morning without saying sorry.

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