Its not that no one wants you, its that people get tired of wanting you
to want yourself. People get tired of you saying you’re going to do better,
but never do. Keep making the same mistakes over and over, cry about it
dry the tears and do them again. Its not that people don’t love you, its that you don’t love yourself. Silly thing, keeps begging for love at all the wrong places, in all the wrong ways. When its in front of you, when it sleeps beside you, when it grows within you. Its not that nobody wants you,
its that no one wants to be around self-destruction, no one want to see their loved ones kick themselves feet to mouth and not be able to do anything about it. No one wants to give pep-talks the whole day just to watch their spit be flushed down a drain. Its not that people don’t want you, its that no one has the time of the day to listen to people who are all talk and no action. Nobody wants to be around filthy words, gossip and unhealthy habits. No one wants to see greed today, and need tomorrow. Its not that nobody wants you, its just that no one wants to be pushed head under water, wants to be drained, wants to be used. No one in this world has all the energy it requires to make you want yourself. No one has the obligation to help anyone in this world. If they do it, its out of kindness but no one can carry you around when you have two good feet and simply refuse to used them.

       October 2015

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