I’m going to give you all the reasons to love me, I’m going to hold in all my spikes when you come close, I’ll have you thinking that I’m soft to touch, that my edges aren’t rough.

I’ll be consistent, you’re gonna tell me “be there” and I’ll jump quick. we’ll talk, I’m going to want you to dig deep for me and then later on feel far too vulnerable when you do, you’ll ask about my past and I’ll say that it doesn’t matter anymore, but then I’ll ramble about it anyways. I’ll impress you even when I don’t want to. I have clever ways.

I’ll be the book, I’ll be the painting, the poem that made you weep at 5 am in the morning, and you won’t know how I do it, you’ll see all the best parts of me
as a matter of fact you’ll have them

you’re going to get close to my body,
you’re going to touch places no one else ever does, I’ll lay down and be the sand just so you can become the ocean and be all over me.

I’m going to make you love me, there I said it ‘make’ you love me, I know I can, everyone falls for flattery. and you’ll become demanding and I’ll be reassuring, you’ll become possessive and I’ll become submissive. I’ll be restless when I have you around..

and then, when you finally think you have me wrapped around your fingers,
you’re gonna ask me to be yours
and I’ll tell you “no”, artists don’t commit to anything else but their art

you’ll have all of me, but me.
and you won’t understand, I don’t expect you to. I won’t blame you when you don’t, because I’m just a tough soul who want people to make me feel like I’m flying, to later on say I miss the ground.

you’ll think I’m brilliant temporarily, but then you’ll realize that I must go. That I don’t do forever, that I don’t like rings on my fingers.

you’ll love me yes, but you won’t fall in love, you won”t drown in me,
I am not the woman you’ll take home,
I am not the woman man fall in love with, I’m not a catch, I’m not the trophy.

I’m always a chapter baby,
always. I’ll be heat for a few pages then you’ll cool down, you’ll get cold like the feeling of regret after the orgasm.

don’t try to chain me, we’ll have fun while we’re at it, but women like me never stay.




note: written somewhere in 2013

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