What if I told you,
That I could never think of me
being as beautiful
as all the things I have the
potential to write-

What if I told you,
that last night
I was gorging myself with
pride,and when I finished
I was so full,
I picked up the phone
marked your number

took a deep breath,
and felt ready to
tell you that,
I was done with all we were

but honey,
you said..hello
and in the spur of the moment
turned all my stomach
into the home of fluttering
butterflies..although I swore,

I swore not to fall,
no to tremble,not to
doubt my reasons,
but by that time
words of love had already
escaped my mouth

you whispered;
‘me too’

and I couldn’t help but smile,
feeling hungry all over again.

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