The other day i saw a video by Cardi B (Former Stripper turned reality star and entrepreneur),
in which she was stating;

“I don’t understand, when I was stripping on the pole all of you were in my comments like YEAAH CARDI, GET THAT SHMONEY, and now that I am on tour with my music and  I am doing better for myself most of yall are saying “I can’t stand this bitch”. I know, i know Ya’ll don’t wanna see me doing good things, ya’ll want me to get the little Shmoney, not the big Shmoney”.

Mind you Cardi is half Dominican and Half Trinidadian. Cardi is an unapologetic black woman.
I hear her speak and I was instantly reminded of every time I was loved, when I was doing exactly what people thought I should be doing.
When i was fulfilling my role as a woman of color nicely. I was reminded of how many of ya’ll claim to love Latinas  as long as they fall under your agency.
You love and adore your Latinas, until it’s no longer spicy Sofia with the thick hips calling you papi in public, but Carmencita struggling with her English at Mc Donalds.
Sofia can stay but Carmencita needs to learn the language or fall back to where she came from.

You love and adore your Latinas until, it’s a Latina at the head of a company telling you what to do.
Until it’s no longer Estefani with the curls and the big ass serving you beers at the bar,
but Maria with her crystal clear English,breaking down business like a boss..

Yes, you do love your Latinas, until they refuse to be submissive, until it’s not
Yafreisy with small waist, but Mercedita who has been working 30 years and sends all the money back home to sustain her family.
You love us, you do, as long as we’re where you think we belong. Cleaning your houses, making you food, babysitting your children.

You are mad because we’re rising, because we are saying ‘no more’, cause we are powerful beyond measure.
Because we get up and slay, while you sit back and think you’re too good for this world.
Because we cheat the system, and do the best we can, even if it’s in ways you don’t think we should.

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