I’ve been studying you,
little girl
I’ve loved you to hate you,
to un-hate you again.
but I’ve always
ached for you..
I’ve spent afternoons
picturing you running
through cracked streets
praying your little feet
don’t bend just yet, don’t
fall down, don’t greet
the floor
I’ve thought of you,
laying in the arms of men
who grew lies in their
adam’s apples and kissed
your lips with the scent
of lust in their mouths
I’ve thought of you little girl,
again, again
and again..
your voice is still stuck
in my head, a warm memory-
a broken necklace
with no repair, I still
cling on to.
I’ve been missing you,
little girl.
..and I’ve been praying
someone comes and saves you.
(i wish it could be me)
I’ve been turning on the tv,
to see if you’ve been
given freedom, peace,
If not a glance of hope
at least..
..I’ve been thinking of Syria,
little girl. I’ve been thinking
of you

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