I believe so much in my generation. I do. Its a faith that is so strong sometimes I do not sleep at night. But I do think we need to put our phones down sometimes and simply dialogue. Erase the shame and guilt pop culture has us under. Everyday the things we see on tv are less relatable and we drive ourselves insane. We need to talk, and I am not saying we need to invite some politician full of lies to sit at our table. We need to talk among each other and what we can do when all the grown ones die out and we finally take charge. What are your parents like? When you become one yourself what do you want to take over from them..and what do you want to set differently for your own children? Are you alright with the way grown people treat you? Come to me. Lets talk about it. Say hey, I have a wound that I need to close to move forward. But my mother keeps scratching it open so it doesn’t heal. Say, I think my father caused me heartache. Say that there is a teacher at school that treats you brutally. Lets talk about the adults around us and their behavior. Did they ever deserve us? Do we truly owe them our love? Do they have genuine intentions or do they take advantage because we are young? Lets talk. For god sake’s lets talk about our own dreams for this world if only for a minute…
and shut up the voices of what people tell us to be.

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