so, its friday night my love
almost 11 pm, I’m wet from breast
down to toes, you know
how messy things get when
I do the dishes this late.

but tomorrow morning
has its plan made, and if not tonight
then when will I find the time? know mama will yell anyways.

I wanted to say
that we would stand
like water and oil
but the problem is that we ran
out of soap, there’s no more loneliness
in stock and you know
it was the only thing that ever
made us melt into whatever it
is we were.

I’d be hypocrisy to say,
I don’t have a gap in my heart.
I always knew it would not last long
but I wanted to be naive at fifteen
how she thought of every boy she met
as the one of her dreams

as if the hard kind of love,
was something that arrived with youth
not time.

maybe because its a simple friday night,
at almost 11 pm, I had a sandwich and
I feel guilt, I’m just 18 I should be out there
but Instead, I’m here on a bed

writing you a poem
that is far to simple to describe
how complicated this all is.

wherever you are,
my dear, you’re still
a thought, and a heartbeat

there was a time you
belonged to me, it seems like
years ago, maybe it was

but you were mine,
and I’ll never forget that.


(This poem is from 2012)

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