I’ve been dusting away the ashes of
my burned thoughts from my forearms.
the smell of smoke still lingers
but I’ve nurtured my lungs with walks
on naked nights and the pureness of the air worked
its magic.

it was not easy to set fire to what held me in
which ever state of mind I was.
but I found that, one act of  courage was
worth far more  than a life of cowardice.
my thoughts used to manifest
themselves in tears,  even in smiles when I got lucky.
but their greed and possessiveness
grew with time, and If I was to become what I thought,
then today I’d have nothing but open wounds and anger.
one liter of audacity, sparked with a match was all it took.
to liberate myself from my own mind.
and though those thoughts are gone now,
sometimes..I trace the outline of  the scars
and my body quivers with the thought
of all the pain I once endured.

April 12, 2012 at 7:22pm

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