you’re beautiful,
like the sun who sets on your
crystal clear waters, whispering
goodbye to the passing day,
you’re a night full of stars,
and a mending heart

Aruba,we’re more
alike than anyone could ever imagine,
you, with your corners full of people
who never look above your slogan
nor below your clouds
and me, with my misshaped
mind and my empty pockets

..we both are what they have
made us to be, what they
said of us, although never
the truth, it sticks to memories
and we never get the chance
to prove them wrong, regardless
of what we do, regardless
of how we strive..

I am the deteriorating building
on your main street,
the holes hard rain has left
on your pavements, are
similar to those tears
left in my soul

Aruba, you’re beautiful.
but I have realized that we’re
not meant to be,
although, your shells
are precious, and the warm
white sand has always been comforting

I can’t grow to be like you,
you seem to have no problem
being surrounded by the ocean

I’m hydrophobic love,
I’m in need of more land.


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