stricter laws against child abuse should be prioritized. there is no doubt about that. but it really grinds my nerves that so many of you want to bring up that law around the same time we finally marched a step closer to equality. you people are discussing child rape and and the law pro equality like these things intersect. like one has anything to do with the other. for years unending Aruba has seen child after child be abused and refused to give it attention. for years after years the same people and foundations who were supposed to watch after our kids humiliated them. don’t you remember how many of you thought it was okay that the children in Aruba bootcamp were getting abused because “they were bad kids” or how many of you didn’t hesitate to take sides with a teacher when she was bullying ONE child, because 24 others said she did not bully them. how many times do you not hear mothers and fathers treat their children like they are worthless. the father who beat his baby. the handicapped girl who got sexually abused by her step father.. how many parents don’t go out at night and leave their little babies alone.
must I go on? must I refresh your memories? laws can change, that’s just black on white paper. but when will your mentality change? when will you truly stand up for what matters, when will the island stop revolving around adult privilege and stop treating children like possessions without the need to overshadow a small victory for a minority. El sol no se tapa con un dedo! you want me to be honest, this is honest! CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK.

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