(after warsan shire’s 34 excuses why we failed at love)

1. I was trying to make someone else happy
2.I thought lying to myself would hurt less than lying to
people who love me
3. People would congratulate me, for finding you and I knew this
4.I wanted you to love me, because we looked acceptable
5.Maybe my mother would hate me less
7.I was calling other people, when you didn’t reply
8.On the shoulders of a friend who did not care, I confessed that
I couldn’t love you
9.I kept thinking of all the other women you’ve been with before
10.I could hear their moans when we slept together
11.I tried to silence them, by loving myself less
12.Beside some smiles, you did not bring out much
13. You were a trophy, I wanted to parade with
14. My heart was tired of taking care of itself
15. I was somehow hoping, you’d take care of it for me

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